Event review: Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 Info Week

Monday, 4 July, 2016

Event review: Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 Info Week


The General Secretariat attended the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 Info Week from 27 – 29 June 2016, organised by the European Commission.

During the dissemination event on June 27th, the importance of dissemination and exploitation of research results was discussed. Dissemination can help fight the trend that knowledge tends to stick where it is generated, raise awareness on what is happening in research and maximise its impact.

Furthermore, several lessons learnt from previous, successful calls were shared: For upcoming proposals the importance of a well-designed multi-actor approach, the inclusion of a dissemination and exploitation plan from the very beginning, presenting the gender dimension in your proposal and being aware of potential ethical issues were stressed multiple times. For each of these topics, the Commission offers guidelines available to applicants via the participant portal or CORDIS.

For the new work program for 2017 – to be adopted in mid-July – four calls with several topics each will be made public on 25 July 2016 under the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2. They will cover:

  • sustainable food security,
  • blue growth,
  • the rural renaissance,
  • and bio based innovation.

Please click here for the presentations and video recordings of the info week 

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