Dr. Joanna Eder retires from the CETAF ESG group

Wednesday, 14 October, 2020


Dr. Johanna Eder is the director of the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart and a Palaeobotanist, she has been the ESG chair since 2015 and retired from this position in October 2020. As chair of the ESG, Johanna has shown strong commitment and provided fair, focused and supportive leadership for ESG members, which has enabled the working group to become very proactive within CETAF. More specifically, in making significant progress towards helping the conservation of Earth Science Collections, through raising awareness of EU legalisation on cultural goods, fieldwork best practices/legislation for CETAF members, and increasing the visibility of Earth Science Collections as useful resources for helping to understand, past, current and future global challenges, through a publication and presentations at conferences. Furthermore, Johanna has dedicated great effort in encouraging  ESG members to work together in a recent endeavour of developing the GeoCASe portal as a product of the community, that will improve the accessibility and visibility of Earth Science Specimen data.


Retirement wishes her colleagues at the CETAF ESG group:

Laura Tilley: I have very much enjoyed working with Johanna over the last three years, as she conducts her work with the care and consideration of other members ideas and points of view. I am grateful for her mentorship and advice on the organisation of ESG, and her support when working on projects.

Andreas Kroh: I know Johanna already since her time at the museum in Vienna where she worked as staff scientist when I was working on NHMW material for my PhD. Even then, almost 20 years ago, she was a figurehead for digitizing collection data and making it available to the scientific community beyond the hosting institution. She has stayed true to her ideals and is investing a lot of effort in creating a research environment where scientific data meet the FAIR principles. Johanna, it was a great pleasure to work with you in the ESG – thank you for your support and insightful advice!

Patricia Mergen: Dear Johanna, since we met at the CETAF meeting in Stuttgart, I very much enjoyed to collaborate with you in many ways. I remember how you enthusiastically presented to us the exhibitions with feathered dinosaurs at this occasion. I appreciated our discussions and brainstorming on many topics and especially your dedication to bring Earth Science collections and research at the forefront of CETAF and DiSSCo next to life sciences. We share also good memories of CETAF social events and discussions, that I really regret we could not do before you retire in person because of Corona, especially as CETAF was scheduled at the Africamuseum.  I hope we can stay in touch and yet your retirement that we can still count on your very valuable expertise and advices in future. I wish you a good retirement and occasions to enjoy more free time and to meet again in person when we can travel again.

Michael Rasser: Both as a curator in Vienna, and as a director in Stuttgart, digitalisation of museums collections and their web-based accessibility has always been a main focal point of Johanna Eder’s work. She has invested considerable efforts and time to bring together technical and scientific staff in order to provide a basis for the scientific and public awareness of palaeontological collections. I am confident that the impact of her work as a ESG chair will still be visible in the future.