The Natural History Museum of Prague brings public awareness to taxonomy

NHM Prague logoNHM Prague (Czech Republic) has opened a new temporary exhibition entitled "How should we name it?" The general audience is invited to visit the exhibition and suggest the name of a newly discovered beetle.

"The exhibition shows the importance of type specimens and introduces the public to the topics of systematics and nomenclature." explains NHM Prague. "It also explains how the discovery of new species contributes to the understanding of biodiversity and protection of species and habitats."

The beetle looking for a name belongs to the Eulichas genus and was discovered in Southeast Asia. People visiting the exhibition are asked to send a proposal for a one-word name to the National Museum. The name will then be used in the scientific article describing the new species. The author of the selected name will also receive an annual subscription to the National Museum.


 NHM Prague Name A Beetle


The exhibition and naming competition are taking place until mid-October 2015 (18-10-2015). 


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