CEBioS Info session on the Nagoya protocol and its application in the context of development cooperation

29th Jun, 2017
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For researchers of fauna and flora worldwide, the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol and the associated system of Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) has major consequences for their way of working. 

Belgian researchers, some of whom work in the context of development cooperation, have to apply it for their own work or for the work of visiting scientists from partner countries. Partner countries of development cooperation do not always have an indepth understanding of the treaties they have signed and most still need to develop any legislation for their implementation. Capacity building in this regard therefore seems necessary. CEBioS, together with the National Focal Point for the CBD and other partners, takes up the glove and focuses on the D.R. Congo where the implementation of the Protocol still has to be developed and where many Belgian researchers are active. Time to review the principles and consequences of this important Protocol.

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DGD Meeting room DR08
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